Cycle 3, Day 5. Femera, Over.

I just finished taking the 5 days of Letrozole (5mg a day) to wake up my ovaries yet again to try to develop  a viable egg for this cycle. I’ve also been taking 500 mg of metformin, which I think is giving me bad headaches – but I’m going to keep taking it all cycle to see if it helps with conceiving. It certainly can’t hurt.

On Monday, I go in for my ultrasound to see if any of the follicles are growing. Since I’ve only really been through this process once (with monitoring and Femera), I don’t know if my first time was a fluke (in terms  of two follicles growing to full size) OR if Femera will work every time. I did take Femera once unmonitored, and I believe I ovulated that cycle based on my BBT (basal body temperature), but I’m not sure.

The hope is that on Monday they see my follicles are growing and there are 1-2 dominant follicles. I don’t know if I’ll have to go back for another ultrasound (another $500) or if they’ll let me trigger without a second monitoring appointment. The other clinic I went to required two ultrasounds… one on CD9 and then another on CD11 to make sure I was ready to trigger.

I still have to order the Novarel (trigger shot) for this cycle — if they say I’m ready to trigger. I really hope this cycle is a “go” because I’m hopeful to get 2 more tries in before the end of the year. Less tries, less odds this is going to work. At all.

Next year, we may switch to Kaiser – which, according to very unclear benefits documentation, covers 50% of infertility treatments (however, not IVF, unsuprisingly – though they do not make this clear at all.) If they cover 50% of the monitoring appointments and IUI (which we’ll likely try next year if femera/trigger/TI doesn’t work), then that could be a big cost savings. Of course, that means we have to go to Kaiser for our treatments… and I’m worried about appointment times being impossible to manage with my job. At least the private clinic has super early morning appointments.

I’m starting to save up for IVF as well. I think if we’re not pregnant by… say, June/July (assuming we’ve had 6-8 real attempts where I’ve ovulated), we’ll move on to IVF. Maybe we’ll move onto it sooner – I just want to give this lower cost, slightly more natural way a bit of a chance to work first. BUT – that’s $8000 down the drain that could be put towards our first IVF cycle. I guess I’ll see what the doctor thinks and go from there. They recommended 3 more cycles this way… so, that’s ~ $3000, and we’ll see what happens. Or I switch insurance and maybe it won’t be $3000 – which would be ideal, though then I’m stuck with Kaiser for all my healthcare including, if I get pregnant, my actual pregnancy and delivery. I’ve read mixed things about Kaiser, so I’m concerned… but some people really like them. Maybe it would be fine.

First of all, I need to actually get pregnant. That’s task #1. I have little control over that other than trying to destress, eat healthy, exercise (all things I’m not doing well at the moment) and just hope that something sticks at some point in the next 14 months. I’d really like to be pregnant before I turn 35. I still can’t believe I’m turning 35 in a year (that’s besides the point) but we’re definitely going to move onto IVF if we aren’t pregnant by the time I’m 35.

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