The line is definitely getting darker…

13 days post trigger, 11 post ovulation, and I believe, at this point, 6 days post possible implantation. Temp is dropping a little bit — down to 98.0 from 98.2… but the HCG tests are definitely getting darker. It doesn’t make a ton of sense for the line to get DARKER 13 days post trigger unless perhaps somehow it decided to “concentrate” to confuse me.

I’m not sure if the tests remain accurate once they’ve dried up… but this is about what the lines looked like after the 5-ish minutes of testing. The one on the right is the oldest (from 2 days ago) and the one on the left is from just now / today. While the other days the line didn’t really show up until even after 5 minutes past taking the test, this line popped up much faster. It’s still not SUPER dark, but I’m starting to assume that if it’s the trigger shot / fake BFP it would be strange to get darker instead of lighter over the last 3 days.

I ordered a digital pregnancy test in the mail and it shows up Saturday, so I’ll take that test then (or I’ll get my period, since that is when I should get it if I’m not pregnant.) If I haven’t gotten AF by Monday I have a 6:30am appointment for my first blood test. I hate to get my hopes up, but I’m feeling really good about this cycle. Maybe too good.

The symptoms have generally went away for now… I was super nauseous and headache-y earlier this week. I felt some cramps this morning and was convinced it’s AF starting, but then I also have (TMI) “typical early pregnancy” constipation – horribly – so it could just be that… or, it could be I’m sure sensitive to the trigger shot AND am going to start bleeding tomorrow or Saturday, and be back to square 1. I really hope I continue to see a line tomorrow… since I HAD planned to take my first test then (my 34th birthday) but… I have no patience when it comes to these things.

[[below — left = today, middle = yesterday, right = 2 days ago]]



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