CD 22, 12 DPO: Awake at 4am, TWW Almost Over

Despite being exhausted, I work up not-so-bright and early at 4am this morning. I took my temp, which theoretically should be lower than prior temps waking up a full 2-3 hours earlier than normal, and it came in at 98.2. That could be a good sign.

Pee-on-a-stick test yesterday showed no HCG within first 5 minutes, but when I checked this morning the line on it was darker than the one I took the day before. The tests aren’t reliable after that long, so it’s meaningless – or is it?

Going to get a Beta blood test on Monday. Friday is the earliest I can have this done and the office is closed then. I figure if Ms. AF doesn’t come over the weekend, something is up, and it’s worth being human pincushion once more to find out if the cycle worked… or discuss options to start a new cycle of treatment, and another $950 investment.

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